Business Bootcamp Programmes For Women Entrepreneurs

Modern female entrepreneurs are out-earning their male counterparts, I teach women how to build a solid and sustainable business to transition from employee to entrepreneur through an Accelerated Business Bootcamp Programme.

With a no-nonsense, straight-talking approach we build and launch your business in 8 weeks to minimise your startup time.

Bespoke Business Solutions For Startups

We also offer Bespoke Business Solutions for startups and existing businesses who require expert advice and guidance to bring acceleration to their business in order to operate at another level. The bespoke service suits the business who needs a more exact and tailored approach just for them! 


Business Bootcamp Acceleration- £499 incl. VAT - Next Wave 10th September

Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship

Did you know that a survey conducted by Barclays bank showed that women entrepreneurs in the UK earn a whopping 14% more than their male counterparts? You get to choose the hours and effort you put in to your business, choose your own priorities and goals, choose what growth limitations are placed upon you and you, and only you – choose who gets to sit in the corner office with the good coffee!

Want to Start Your own Business?

There has never been a better time to go out and grab the career you want. With companies down-sizing and redundancy a real threat, traditional opportunities for growth are disappearing in this modern work environment. But by starting your own business and becoming one of a growing army of women entrepreneurs you choose to empower yourself through designing your own future and possibilities!

Business Bootcamp Acceleration

My clients join me in the Business Bootcamp Acceleration programme because I show them how to implement all the business areas they need to cover to launch a successful business and make it happen fast!

Tech Expertise

If you’ve never built a Website or a Blog and don’t know how to do your SEO, Social Media or Digital Marketing, then I can de-mystify these areas and give you complete technical know-how for your own business.



Business Acceleration

Alexandra Sheach, Business Accelerator

Accelerating women in business I offer a no-nonsense systematic approach to entrepreneurship.

Huffington Post BloggerAlexandra Sheach, Business Accelerator


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Empowering women through entrepreneurship. The Business Of Women offers Business Bootcamps for women transitioning from employee to entrepreneur who want to launch fast and Bespoke Business Solutions for startups and entrepreneurs.

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